The right gift for an 8 year old does not have to be an expensive gift. Even an inexpensive gift can be very welcome and to amaze a child, just give him something he had not thought of and that frees his imagination.

Diary and safe
At this age, for example, they begin to feel great and want to protect their secrets. So among the gifts for 8 year olds that can work there are the secret diary with a padlock like the one you see below, or the safe: a metal box that you can find in all hardware stores, equipped with keys or padlock, where keep the most precious treasures.

A nice colorful calendar to hang in your room is a beautiful – and inexpensive – gift. Maybe chosen based on his interests and preferences.

A box for ….
Instead of buying them, gifts for 8 year olds can also be made by you: personalized and built on the interests of individual children. Take a nice box and fill it with what the child likes. A few examples? You can make the anti-boredom box to do chores: with adhesive eyes, straws (see here how many ideas of chores with straws ), colored pipe cleaners, cardboard, brushes and tempera. The crochet box: with balls of wool and several crochet hooks. The explorer’s box: magnifying glass, sachets to collect animal tracks, compass. The disguise box with old scarves and fabric remnants, and so on …