If you and your partner are working parents to an infant, chances are you’re going to need a good day care centre to help you share some responsibility so that you can provide for your child and also be there for them. Most parents go through the dilemma of not knowing how to choose the right early learning centre melbourne for their child. Here are 5 things you should consider when selecting the right day care service for your family;

Research and Review

Dig in to those Sherlock Holmes shoes and research a little bit about the day care centre you’re leaning towards beforehand. It can’t hurt to know about the policies and practices before you actually show up to the center. That way you’ll know what the right questions to ask are and it will save you a lot of time and trouble. Check for reviews and see what the other parents have to say about that particular service. When it comes to child care, you can never be too careful!


This is another element that you need to consider carefully before selecting a child care centre. Every parent wants the best for their child and you’re selecting leaving your baby off at a day-care centre to help make things easier for your family. So it would become counter-productive if the day care centre you pick is too heavy on your pocket. Even if the service is great, you have to be able to afford it otherwise it becomes a source of strain and stress in the long run. It’s best that you look elsewhere for a facility that offers both good service and is in your price range.


This is an important factor to consider in the pursuit of selecting the right day care centre for your child. You should select a service that is reliable and can be flexible with timings in case you ever need to pick up the child a little late, as it often happens with people with intense jobs with flexible hours. This can’t be stressed enough that the facility is to help you ease the responsibility of raising a child so give yourself a little room for flexibility because parenting is not an easy job!

Ease of Access

Proximity and ease of access are important factors when choosing the right day care centre for your family. It helps that the facility is either close to your home or work so it doesn’t take a chunk out of your day to drop and pick up your child. It’s a bonus if it’s right on your way to your daily commute!


Make sure you select a facility that is secure and reliable. When it comes to your child’s safety, you can never be too careful. Ask what measure your child care centre takes to ensure maximum security and how they implement those measures. It’s important that the only people who have access to your child are the people you trust and allow to be around your child.