What to give to an 8 year old boy?
Imagining the right gifts for 8 year olds is not easy, because at this age children can be very determined on what they want (and above all on what they don’t want), they start to feel great and consider many things “small things” and toys. If you ask a child of this age what he wants as a gift, he will probably answer you with confidence by naming electronic games or the last expensive toy seen in advertising. But if you want to surprise him with a gift he doesn’t expect, maybe useful to suggest new passions, develop creativity, exercise logic and imagination, this is the right age. In our post about games for 8-10 year olds , you already find many useful gift ideas. But let’s see others, more original.

Gifts for 8 year olds, which ones are the best? Those who will make their eyes shine, will surprise them and who will not remain closed in a drawer for months. You ask yourself, if grandparents, uncles, friends and relatives ask each year. Here are many different ideas, all suitable for children of 8 years. Get inspired! You will surely find something suitable.

Original gift ideas for children 8 years
Not just toys! The gift for a child doesn’t necessarily have to be a toy. And certainly at 8 there is room to give something different, which is not the classic toy for children. For example?

Give an experience
Instead of an object you can give an experience: a lesson in sailing, skateboarding, skiing, the first horseback ride. Approaching something completely new is a gift that will remain forever in his memories. Without necessarily having to become a passion to develop during the year, it can even remain a special day.

Gifts to feel great
Many commonly used objects can be highly appreciated gifts for children of 8 years, if they serve to make them feel great: a key ring with a copy of the door keys, a wallet like Mum’s, a bag, a box with small tools such as screwdrivers and caterpillar for small jobs.